I recently was thinking, because I’m not happy about how my photos are coming out, that I needed to start shooting in Raw.  I shot a couple and then I was like, what now?

Any advice? DSC_0630

As I title this one I have a British accent. Can you tell?



Seriously now, I love being able to take a picture and manipulate it into something else!

It’s awesome! (That’s valley girl speak now)

I’m really excited to be able to get out and start shooting again. Excited to shoot all the beautiful things in this life with my new surroundings! But one thing I am not looking forward to is the ladybug infestation.



I am not kidding! When we moved in there were ladybugs everywhere crawling all over my humongous windows. I could lie in bed and watch them scurrying from one corner to the next and along the woodwork. My windows are so high no one is tall enough to reach way up there. My vacuum hose isn’t even long enough so I had to wait until they died or would come down and come across the poison I had sprayed around each room.

It was crazy! I had never experienced this before. I thank God it was only harmless little ladybugs and not something like…spiders or flies or something poisonous.

And they have this odor about them. I can’t even begin to describe the smell. When it hits you, you know. I am not looking forward to that smell ever again.

As I am looking through my photos this morn I become increasingly disgusted. Noticing all needing some sort of editing.

Seriously? When will I be able to take a photo and be happy with it without editing the heck out of it?



My guess is, not anytime soon. So I wonder…is there any photographer in the habit of producing perfect photos right out of the camera?


That’s my goal!

I find myself at this age wondering who I am and where I am in this life. Should I continue on this path and explore, branch out, or stay in the safe zone?

So the other day I did a little branching out and visited the Eyeballogist.

Lake Hefner

You say, What the heck is an eyeballogist? Well, they are the specially gifted and rare people who have mastered the art of reading your eyes to tell you what’s wrong inside. Therefore suggesting vitamins and minerals that you are lacking causing a whole slue of problems for you in your body. I say this because for me she suggested a whole heck of a lot of new stuff. It’s not like I knew she wouldn’t. Seriously I knew what was wrong with me before I went. I just didn’t know what to take and I had learned after many years to just ‘deal’.

I am not saying I’m no longer willing to just ‘deal’. I was just wanting to see if she picked up on certain things. Which she didn’t so I have to think that what I’ve been doing all along is helping. Or she really did pick up on the problem and didn’t think it was as important as I think it is.

So I left there with a sense of achievement and clarity even though I didn’t do anything but spend more of my husband’s money. (he doesn’t know yet)

Now I need to figure out what vitamins to give up to be able to afford the new stuff she suggested. Geeesh! This is hard… 

to be healthy.

With moving, Thanksgiving, Christmas and company in the last 6 weeks I’ve not had much time to concentrate on my photography or blogging.  We did check to see if the chimney needed swept, however. (Is that what a Chimney Sweep says after his job is done?)

So, on a good note and the approval of our little precious she LOVES our new home. She made sure to tell us so with great expression and emphasis.

“Grammy, I love your new house! I love your stairs! Does your chimney need cleaned or does the inside need painted?” Says her seven-year old little wheel turning in her head as she spits it out.

We made sure to ease her worry claiming it was, didn’t need painted and Santa would be able to fit no matter what.

She was satisfied.DSC_0106

Such a delight to look out the bedroom slider this morn to see the sun peeking thru the ice ridden trees surrounding the heavily burdened pine.

DSC_0085 - Version 2


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