With moving, Thanksgiving, Christmas and company in the last 6 weeks I’ve not had much time to concentrate on my photography or blogging.  We did check to see if the chimney needed swept, however. (Is that what a Chimney Sweep says after his job is done?)

So, on a good note and the approval of our little precious she LOVES our new home. She made sure to tell us so with great expression and emphasis.

“Grammy, I love your new house! I love your stairs! Does your chimney need cleaned or does the inside need painted?” Says her seven-year old little wheel turning in her head as she spits it out.

We made sure to ease her worry claiming it was, didn’t need painted and Santa would be able to fit no matter what.

She was satisfied.DSC_0106

Such a delight to look out the bedroom slider this morn to see the sun peeking thru the ice ridden trees surrounding the heavily burdened pine.

DSC_0085 - Version 2

So… I have these problems I don’t know how to correct and any advice would be great on each issue.

Number 1~

How was I supposed to focus on this scene? I believe the fog was not allowing me to focus on anything. I put the lens into manual focus and was able to get this one.


My Backyard View

Problem Number 2~

Some of you might have noticed I am not able to like your WordPress posts with just one click. My iPad will force me to click several times, up to 15 times and then other times just a couple. All depends on what, I don’t know? So please if anyone can help me I am sure my fellow word pressers will thank you, especially the lucky ones that have their WordPress account activity sent to their email address. My apologies to all my cyber friends for this little mishap.

Truth be told, I don’t like birds.

Meaning I don’t care to be close to a bird. Period.


I discovered this early in my children’s lives They were fortunate enough to have an uncle that just randomly got tired of things and gave the perfectly good stuff away. Didn’t matter what it was, he was done and off it went. He went through this bird phase where he purchased tow beautiful lovebirds. Opalines to be exact.They were gorgeous! Deep, turquoise green and bright red. I kind of fancied them myself.

Well, you guessed it he grew tired of them and thought it smart to pass ‘em on to my son, preteen and busy. So busy that most of the time it was my duty to make sure the lovebirds were fed and watered daily. This is when I discovered I hated birds among other small animals my children ended up with. (There was another small animal mishap, but that’s a later story).

One weekend we were busy with ‘stuff’. Several days later I discovered that we had forgotten about the beautiful, happy, little things. When I took the cover off the cage they were gone-ja. I mean dead…deader than a door nail. And I can say I was not too upset other than the money my brother-in-law had spent to buy them. I even let my son think it was his fault that they died. I hated them that much. But secretly he thought I killed them. He swore he saw blood on the little creatures dead bodies and thought I stabbed them. Lol! Oh my, what an imagination!

So with the discovery of my bird hatred, I thought back…why do I have this bird hostility? Then I remembered… As a child my mother would allow my sister and I to watch scary movies with her. She loved them and thought we needed to love them too.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is the culprit! And I did watch The Birds yesterday thinking that it would squelch my animosity.

We will see…

Don’t get my wrong, I love to photograph the blue birds, cardinals, eagles, hawks and blue herons from my big, beautiful, bedroom dirty-picture window.

I’ve been patiently waiting to get out and start shooting again.DSC_0610

We’re unpacked and now the time-consuming cleaning everything starts.  You see, we have purchased an old fixer upper and as my husband puts it,

“We will be fixing it up for the next 30 years of our lives”. 

Which is okay. We like to remodel. In fact we have remodeled everything we have ever lived in…even when it didn’t need remodeled. But this is the biggest job we have ever attempted to tackle. Have we bit off more than we can chew? Don’t know, don’t care. I love it here and I know it’s the last house I will ever live in… and I’m content.

I’m finally home…

I saw this leaf yesterday and of course didn’t have my camera. So I brought it home to photograph. I took it out of the car after being there all day just waiting for me ever so patiently and noticed it had all ready lost the yellow in it. I was disappointed it had lost its uniqueness portraying 5 different colors.

I had no idea leaves changes so quickly. This paying close attention to nature is a new thing I’m having to learn.


Then I noticed a tree I now drive by daily had started to change into a beautiful golden-yellow whereas two days before it was bright orange. I really need to keep my camera in my car no matter what and stop when I see a potential masterpiece in the making.

Had to share this cute little Halloween Jaguar that came bouncing to my door the other night.

You never know what kind of animals you are going to encounter thru out the day.

DSC_0581 - Version 2

Yesterday I was approaching an intersection and saw a golden lab just nonchalantly wandering into the oncoming traffic like he had not a care in the world. From my view I could plainly see he was about to take his last little jaunt across any road. I quickly winced and offered up a quick prayer and thought,

‘I really don’t want to witness this’. It will be too hard on me since I have a beautiful and similar looking dog at home, so I closed my eyes.

Do you know how hard it is to drive with your eyes closed, my friends? 

Well-let me tell you, its hard! 

Luckily the dog somehow made it thru the traffic, stopped in the middle and turned around to return where he came from, safely. I was thoroughly amazed!

I know this because I was slightly popping my eyes open every little bit.


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